4 Ways to Spend Valentine’s Day

To be completely honest, I was never really a fan of the holiday (and I still don’t do much to celebrate, but any excuse to plan something fun and festive works for me) but over the years I have begun to care about the actual meaning and significance of this holiday. Like most holidays it has become over-commercialized and tends to focus on gifts and flowers and couples. While there is nothing wrong with gifts and flowers, Valentine’s Day is about so much more.

Valentine’s Day is not just for couples. Valentine’s Day is for EVERYONE. It’s about love and being with the people you love and doing the things that bring you joy! So you don’t have to be in a relationship to celebrate this holiday. Do something to change the stigma and tradition of Valentine’s Day!


Here are a few ways to spend your Valentine’s Day!

Family Time: Who better to spend this day with than your family!? Every year my mom decorates the dining room table for Valentine’s Day with festive treats and decorations. Every year when I was away at college I would miss being home for the festive fun wishing I could be with my family. So use this holiday as an opportunity to spend time with your family!

Girls Night (or Guys/Roommate Night too!): Whether you are single or in a relationship, spend the night with your friends! The options are endless with a movie night, take out, baking, dinner, manicures, etc. Celebrating with your close friends is a great way to spend Valentine’s Day. They deserve to know how much you appreciate them too so what better way to celebrate than getting everyone together!

Night In: Your roommates/friends/family are out and you have the apartment/dorm/house to yourself. Whether you are single or not use this a chance to focus on yourself! Order or make your favorite foods, watch your favorite movies, wear your comfiest clothes and just relax! There is no shame in spending Valentine’s Day at home! This is a day about love and you should love and care bout yourself too. So do what you love and reward yourself with a relaxing night in! (This is what I will be doing on Valentine’s Day night!)

Fancy Dinner: Instead of going out for a nice or romantic dinner make plans to do it yourself at home! Its much more meaningful to spend the day/evening at home together rather than out with every other couple. Andrew and I always plan ahead and create our menu and then enjoy the day cooking together and celebrate with our delicious creation that evening! (Since the holiday falls on a weekday this year we will be celebrating the weekend before  this way we have extra time to enjoy a nice dinner together and get in some quality time).


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