Meatless Meals

I mentioned in my post about Creating a Green Home that going meatless at least one day a week can help reduce our carbon foot print. Andrew and I try to incorporate 2-3 meatless meals into our dinner schedule each week.

It took a while for us to find enough recipes that we could rotate through our weeks without getting burnt out on the same meals over and over. Now that we have been implementing meatless meals for about 5 months now we have discovered a few favorites that we look forward to.

These are definitely worth trying (even my meat-loving husbands likes these dishes) and not only is going meatless one night a week good for the environment but it can also cut back on grocery expenses!

  1. Ricotta Lasagna Rolls
  2. Broccoli Cheddar Soup
  3. Mexican Quinoa Stuffed Peppers
  4. French Onion Soup (from Bouchon)
  5. Black Bean Soup
  6. Tortilla Casserole (we leave out the chicken)
  7. Sun-dried Tomato  & Pesto Pasta w/ Asparagus
  8. Three Cheese Paninis (w/ Tomato Soup)
  9. Veggie Fried Rice
  10. Leek Bread Pudding (from Ad Hoc)

**Meals without a link means I use my own personal recipe. Check back in the future as I will be sharing some of these dishes soon! In the mean time there are plenty of varieties of these dishes that you can find online!

What are some other meatless meals that we should try?

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