Three Months in Rochester

It’s been three months since we moved from Omaha to Rochester so I thought I would share a little reflection on the past couple months. We have been lucky to see quite a bit of our family since moving here which has made the transition much easier. We also got away to Lake Geneva for a quick weekend trip. It was our first time “coming home” to this new house and it was a weird feeling. But overall we are really enjoying life in Minnesota!

I thought I would answer a few questions I often get about our move!

How Are The Kids Adjusting?

The kids are doing great! They were my top concern and priority during the move. I wanted the transition to be as easy as possible for them and they have both adapted really well. Eleanor of course is too little to know any different but Jack has had a fairly easy time adjusting.

The first few weeks he would ask a lot of questions about his friends or going to his favorite places in Omaha and it was hard to help him understand. But we’ve made sure to do lots of fun things with him in our new town to help him get excited. I also prioritized finishing his bedroom first so that he would have his own special place right when we moved in.

What Do You Miss Most About Omaha?

A lot, but also not as much as I expected. Saying goodbye to our house was really hard on me. I cried a lot when we left. But I don’t miss the house as much as I thought I would. I have all of the memories and that’s what is important.

I do miss our friends there, our favorite restaurants and having a Whole Foods. But otherwise we really enjoy being in Rochester.

How Long Did it Take to Find Your House?

Thankfully we found our house fairly quickly. We came to Rochester for what was supposed to be a 3 day trip to look at houses. We ended up staying a couple extra days because a house was coming on the market that we thought looked perfect. And king story short, the house is now ours! We looked at 13 houses total over 4 days I think.

Are You Feeling At Home Yet?

Yes and no. I still feel like we are getting settled in and catching up from the move. I knew it would take a while and I’m trying to be patient as we get projects finished and make the house our own. I still have a lot that I want to do in terms of painting and furniture that we need to get. You can read about some of our progress here.

What Has Been The Biggest Challenge

For me personally, the biggest challenge has been making friends. Making friends as an adult is HARD. I’m naturally a very shy person so putting myself out their to meet people is a struggle for me but I’ve been trying really hard to introduce myself to anyone and everyone.

Moving is a major change and at times has been hard on all of us. There are definitely good days and bad but we are all doing really well and enjoying this new adventure.

We have been so thankful to have help and support from our friends and family. They have made this move much easier on us. As we continue to get settled and explore our new town I will share more from our new favorite places to house projects and more!

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