House Update: Project Progress

Hi everyone! As I’ve been promising I am finally sharing a peak at the progress we have made around the house. I feel like anytime I was about to share we would get hit with a set back and a new project. Lately I have been feeling like we aren’t making much project as we still have rooms taped to be painted, boxes in a few corners as we wait to finish rooms and now its looking like we have a big basement remodel ahead of us.

But I wanted to share a few of the rooms that we have made progress in and are nearly “completed” or at least starting to look somewhat put together. I’m sharing more on Instagram stories today and I promise I’ll share another peak at the rest of the house soon!

Living Room

I would say the living room is about half way done. Part of it still has boxes stacked in the corner and we are trying to decide on a few more pieces of furniture, but so far I am really happy with how it is turning out. I LOVE the toile curtains and to say I am obsessed with the rug is probably and understatement. This room is bringing me so much joy and I don’t care how silly that sounds!

To Do: Eventually we will get two matching arm chairs for either side of the fireplace. I would also like to get some type of hutch/ buffet for the wall opposite the window for some of our books and photos. I have some art and prints I want to hang around the room and eventually we will replace the coffee table as well (this is what I’m eyeing).

Sofa | Rug | Curtain Rod | Curtains | Similar Horse Print | Similar Lamp | Similar Chair | Wall Color


The sunroom is the room that made me fall in love with the house; the corner stove, big windows and bright light. This room is right off of the kitchen so for now it will be serving as a partial playroom. Having a space right by the kitchen and laundry room that the kids can play in will be super helpful.

Other than filling the room with some toys and hanging shelves we haven’t done much with this space. I want the room to have a coastal feel, but more traditional decor to blend with the rest of the house (like the living room which has a very English vibe to it). I also don’t want the room to scream “playroom”. This playroom of Mackenzie’s is part of my inspiration for our sunroom. I love the blend of functionality and style.

To Do: We will be adding a couch, coffee table and a rug eventually. I want to swap out the curtains as well and soon the current chair will move down into the basement where the matching sofa is.

Kids Chairs (similar) | Kids Table | Seagrass Bins | Cube Shelf | Kids Kitchen | Shelves | Woven Frames


I am hoping to start on the entry way next. SInce it’s the first thing you see when you walk in I want to make it more cohesive with the rest of the house. I will spare you a photo of the current entryway for now because it is chaos and absolutely nothing has been done to it. But I thought I would share my idea board for this space. The walls of the front entryway and hall are still the same gray the rest of the house was when we bought it. I would like to paint it in Pale Oak to match the other rooms we’ve painted. I love the idea of having a little bench by the front door and a pretty rug as well. Once I found this rug I knew I needed to find a space for it in the house. I love it so much and wanted to bring out the green in it with some of my favorite prints from Brooke & Lou.

Light Fixture | Green Pillow | Floral Stripe Pillow | Mirror | Chinoiserie Umbrella Holder | Bench | Rug | Basket

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