Summer Style Finds

Sharing some of my favorite recent finds today! After unpacking my wardrobe and taking stock of what all I have I realized that I am majorly lacking warm weather clothes. 90% of what I own is sweaters, jackets and pants. So while I’ve been searching for some fun summer pieces I thought I would round up some favorites.

Striped Button Down | Linen Pants | Blue Sandals ($50off with code SARAHFLINT-BATAYLORC) | Dress | Athletic Top | Athletic Pants | Packable Hat | Gauze Shirt | Linen Shorts | Raffia Bow Sandals

After putting all of these together I realized it mostly looks like the wardrobe from a Nancy Meyers movie, if you know me that probably isn’t surprising. I had to include the athletic outfit because it was giving me major Meredith Blake vibes so I felt like it fit the Nancy Meyers theme.

I don’t really love summer and prefer to keep fairly covered up, I don’t do a lot of shorts or sleeveless tops/dresses, so instead I stick to lots of breezy and lightweight fabrics like linen and gauze. The Seaside Linen Pants from J. Crew are a summer favorite. They are so easy to throw on and are comfortable even on hot days but perfect for chilly evenings as well.

I have already added a few of these pieces to my wardrobe and with a lake trip coming up I have a feeling I will be adding a few more!

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