Cozy, Chic & Sustainable: A Guide to Dudley Stephens

This post has been a long-time in the making. I’m finally sharing my guide to Dudley-Stephens, one of my absolute favorite brands. And as a major BONUS, today is a Dudley Drop Day. At 9AM CST they are launching several of their core colors/styles. So if you have been curious about getting your own Dudley Stephens, read below for my guide and then head over to their site to snag your own! (And don’t forget to use this link for $25 OFF!!) Navy Dudley Stephens_0491When it comes to style I have always preferred pieces that are versatile & timeless. I usually don’t spend money on something “trendy”. I prefer pieces that I know will be in style for years to come. Not only do I prefer timeless pieces, but I also want to find something that will LAST for years. Meaning its great quality. So when I find something that is versatile, timeless and durable I want to share it! My latest love that meets these requirements: Dudley Stephens! And a MAJOR added bonus, they are sustainably made! Each fleece is made out of recycled plastic bottles. COZY, CHIC, SUSTAINABLE. How could it get any better??

I had heard a LOT of hype about these fleeces and just couldn’t believe they were as great as everyone says. Then I finally decided to try one out. I ordered it shortly after having Jack, thinking at the very least it would be something comfortable to wear around the house in those early days of motherhood. I quickly became obsessed. And when I say obsessed, I’m not even exaggerating (ask my family), I wear a DS at least 4 times a week. Its my new “uniform” as a stay-at-home-mom.

These fleeces are by far my most worn items in my closet. I frequently get compliments and questions about them so I wanted to share a little guide on all things Dudley Stephens from the styles and types of fleece to sizing and how to care for them.

*Note: DS has several other styles and a few different types of fleeces. I am only sharing info and a review of the styles/fleece types that I personally own.

Vello vs. Terry Fleece

Vello: The vello fleece is a thicker fleece perfect for chilly weather. The warmth it adds makes it more of a seasonal wear. (Shown in camel below).

Terry: Terry fleece is lightweight making it perfect to wear throughout the year. Great to layer with in colder months and perfect for chilly summer nights. (Shown in off-white below).

The below photo shows a comparison of the two fleeces. The vello fleece (shown in camel) being just a bit thicker and therefore warmer than the terry fleece (shown in off-white).Dudley Stephens_0406


Cream Dudley Stephens_0514Dudley Stephens has several styles and frequently drops new styles (Tuesday is their traditional drop day, so keep an eye out for new styles and restocks!)

Cobble Hill– The Cobble Hill is their original turtleneck fleece with pockets. It falls below the waist at about mid/upper thigh depending on your height. I love wearing it with leggings (long enough to cover your bottom) for a super cozy and comfortable outfit. While I do like this style its probably the one I wear the least. It is definitely very casual compared to the other styles I have. Available in the original vello fleece and terry fleece.

Park Slope– The Park Slope is my personal favorite. It is a cropped version of the Cobble Hill, also with the wide turtleneck, but without pockets. I think this is a much more versatile piece than the Cobble Hill as it can be dressed up or down. I have worn mine with jeans and boots, joggers, and even tucked into a skirt. Available in the original vello fleece and terry fleece. For both turtleneck styles I love that you can wear the collar folded down, which is how I’m wearing mine in the photo below.

Brighton Boatneck– The boatneck is the same cut as the Park Slope but the neck line has been opened up into a boatneck. This style makes it great for layering with a button down underneath. It is also very versatile in that it can easily be dressed up or down. Available in the original vello fleece, terry fleece & bubble fleece.

Perryridge Pullover– This is a style that just dropped this summer with a cut very different from styles mentioned above. This terry fleece, v-neck has a relaxed fit that is perfect for layering or wearing alone for summer months.

Orchard St. Boatneck– A boatneck with quarter-length sleeve and a cropped fit. A very “Audrey” style. I couldn’t resist this new style. Its perfect for dressing up, but as a stay at home mom I pair it with jeans around the house to feel a bit more “put-together”. This style is currently only in the vello fleece.

Navy Dudley Stephens_0577


For the most part I would say the sizing is pretty true to size, but if you are unsure or between sizes I would size up. I am a small in most brands, but ended up preferring a medium in my Dudleys. The small fits just fine but is a bit tight in the arms and shoulders. The medium is much more comfortable and allows some room for layers. If you need more info on sizing, Dudley Stephens just released their FIT GUIDE featuring several women who all wear different sizes and styles, including a few of my friends 🙂

Caring for Your Dudley Stephens

Caring for Dudley Stephens is very easy as long as you don’t dry them in the dryer! I wash all of mine inside out in cold water as instructed. I treat any stains as soon as they happen. And just like the instructions say, baby wipes do wonders for taking care of a mess or spill! I’m always amazed at how well they work when Jack smears his food on me. They truly are the perfect top for moms!

Are They Worth It?

I think it is safe to say that I am obsessed and recommend them to everyone. They are extremely comfortable, versatile and my favorite feature- sustainably made. The fact that they can be worn multiple ways and all year (especially the terry fleece), I think they are absolutely worth it. If you have any other questions about Dudley Stephens don’t hesitate to ask. And don’t forget you can get $25 off your first order here!

Kids Styles


I just recently got a kid’s DS for Jack and, no surprise here, I LOVE it. He has the Kids Crewneck which is a lightweight ribbed fleece, perfect for year-round wear. I ordered Jack a 3T (he is 18 months) because I wanted to get several seasons out of it, hence the cuffed sleeves. A bit of a splurge for a kid’s piece, but I love being able to match my little guy! I’ll definitely be getting him the red turtleneck for this winter!

I hope this guide has answered your questions (and convinced you how truly great Dudley Stephens are!). If you think you want to give them a try don’t forget to use this link for $25 OFF your first order! Today is a great day to do it since they are restocking some of their core colors and styles for fall! If you have any questions that weren’t covered in this post let me know and I’ll be happy to help.

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