The Pajamas You Will Want to Live In

DSC_0226I’ve always been a fan of pajama sets. It may seem silly but I like to feel comfortable AND put together even in my sleep.

A couple years ago I stumbled across LAKE pajamas and couldn’t resist. Pajamas in cute striped sets? Who could say no? Certainly not this lover of stripes! I ordered my first pair and immediately fell in love. They are SO soft, even after several wears and washes. My first pair that I’ve had for 4 years now still feels just as soft as my most recent pair I got earlier this year.

They are made from the softest pima cotton and if you take good care of them they will stay soft and last forever! (I wash mine in cold water and tumble dry on low)

Right now LAKE is having a major sale (up to 70% off) through July 29th. If you’ve been needing a new pair of pjs, wanting to try these raved about styles or want to add another pair (or two) to your growing collection, now is the perfect time!

These pajamas truly are comfortable enough you will want to wear them all day. I’ve never been one for sweats, I get dressed everyday no matter what I have going on, but occasionally I put on a fresh pair of these pjs for an extra comfy day when I’m staying home. They really are THAT good!

Here are some of my favorite styles included in the sale!Lake Pajamas Sale 2020

  1. Long-Tall Set in Marine (also in cropped) | 2. Long-Short Set in Lavender | 3. Father & Littles Waffle Sets in Thicket | 4. Mommy & Littles Waffle Set in Persimmon | 5. Poplin Pants Set in Haze

Here’s to soft pjs and sweet dreams!

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