Combating Winter Hair & Skin

Red Sweater & Christmas Hair RibbonI love winter and all that comes with it; snowy days, warm drinks, holiday movies, and so much more. However, one down-side of winter is the dry hair and skin that I struggle with every year. I have tried a countless number of products to help fight brittle hair, chapped lips and dry skin and after a few years of trial and error I have found a few that work phenomenally.


Masks: While using a moisturizing shampoo & conditioner can be a huge help with dry hair I like to do a hair mask once a week (or at least every other) to repair any damage and help retain moisture. A few favorites are the Morocconoil Restorative mask, Briogeo Deep Conditioning mask, and Living Proof’s Restore mask

Oils/Sprays: On days that I heat treat my hair I always use a conditioning spray or oil. My favorite to use before heat treating is the Rosarco Milk Reparative Leave-In Conditioning Spray. If my hair is feeling extra dry or brittle after styling I use a little bit of serum or oil to soothe it. My favorites that I use almost daily are Morocconoil Treatment (I use the light version since I have thin and lighter hair) or the OGX Renewing Oil Spray.


Moisturize: Growing up I remember rolling my eyes when my mom would say to put on lotion after my bath/shower. Now I honestly can’t go a day without it. So the first step is moisturizing DAILY. I haven’t found any specific body lotion that I think is truly amazing so just use what works best for you! I tested out a few different brands before settling on one that I felt worked best and didn’t leave my skin feeling too oily.

Exfoliate: About once or twice a month I will use an exfoliating scrub before applying lotion or body oil. Sheamoisture has great scrubs and I also love Fresh’s Brown Sugar Body Polish.


My face is one of the first things to dry out once winter arrives. I have acne prone skin so I have to be careful about what I use. My favorite year round moisturizer if First Aid Beauty’s Mattifying Gel. While this is great in warmer months it just isn’t quite enough for winter weather. So once winter rolls around I combine the mattifying gel with a small drop of First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream. This combination is exactly what I need to keep my face hydrated without being too oily.


Exfoliate: Even in warmer months I feel like I have permanently chapped lips. About a year ago I started using this lip exfoliator a few times week before applying lip balm.

Moisturize: I have quite the collection of lip creams, balms, and chap sticks that I have tested out over the past few years.

FAB Ultra Repair Lip Therapy: This lip balm is my favorite. It perfectly hydrates without leaving your lips too oily or sticky!

Vaseline Lip Therapy Balm: I try to use this sparingly as it is a bit heavy compared to the FAB Lip Therapy, but it works wonders when my lips are really chapped and dry. Note: it does have petroleum which for some people can have the opposite effect and further dry out lips.

Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment: I love this line of lip treatment, especially the fact that it is SPF 15! It also comes in an Advanced Therapy version. I’m also normally not a lipstick person but I LOVE their tinted lip treatments as well (also SPF 15). Its a great way to add color without drying out your lips. My favorite shades are Rose and Petal.

Silk Pillow Cases

Another lifesaver for hair and skin is a silk pillow case. I started using them about a year ago and they have made a HUGE difference. There are several benefits to a silk pillow case which you can read about here. After switching to these pillow cases I have noticed that I have less bed head each morning (less frizz and damage to fight) and my skin has been much clearer too!

These are the products and treatments that have worked best for me to fight winter skin and hair (along with dry/frizzy hair year round). Everyone’s skin and hair is so different that what works for one may not work for someone else. But if you are still searching for products that work I absolutely recommend giving these a try! What are some of your favorite products for winter hair and skin?


5 thoughts on “Combating Winter Hair & Skin

  1. This post is so helpful, Taylor! I am having the dryest skin right now. I love Living Proof products, so I am definitely trying that mask soon. I have dry lips year round too, so I am taking notes of this.

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