Second Trimester Recap

20 Week SonogramHello third trimester! I’m officially 28 weeks (closer to 29 now as this is being posted) and I am so anxious to meet this little person! If you read my first trimester recap you know that this pregnancy got off to a rough start. So many of you have checked in during the pregnancy and I am so thankful for all of your positive thoughts and prayers! While I’m definitely feeling better than I did during my first trimester I’m still struggling with Hyperemisis Gravidarum (severe nausea) just on a lower level than before. I’m really hoping this next trimester will be easier than the first two but regardless I am just thankful that this baby is healthy so far!


*First I want to say that I have been hesitant to actually write about the challenges I have faced this pregnancy. I know that I am beyond blessed that we are able to have a baby and regardless of how difficult this pregnancy has been I am so thrilled and excited to meet this little person. I know there are many women who struggle to conceive so I don’t want this to ever seem like I am complaining or ungrateful for being pregnant. I just think its important to address all aspects of pregnancy. I was clueless going into it and wish I had read more about all of the possibilities and challenges that come along with it.

  • Travel: I took two trips during the second trimester and while I’m so glad I went on them both, traveling was a challenge. Even our short trip to Michigan really wore me out. I have felt super exhausted after traveling to London and Scotland at the beginning of October so hopefully the third trimester will be a good chance to relax before the baby comes.
  • Maternity Clothes: Everyone said I would love maternity clothes, specifically the pants. If I’m being completely honest maternity clothes has so far been the WORST. I didn’t really start wearing maternity pants until around 20/22 weeks and then around 6 months I started wearing more maternity tops and sweaters. I know there are tons of options for maternity clothes available but it wasn’t something that I was willing to spend a fortune on since I would only need them for a few months. Getting dressed every morning just isn’t as fun anymore but at least I know it won’t be like this forever. ( I will be sharing a post soon about maternity clothes on a budget!)


  • Seeing the Baby: We had our 20 week anatomy scan and I was so thrilled to get such an extensive look at the baby. I still wasn’t really feeling him/her move yet at that point so being able to see them squirm around during the scan was so reassuring and exciting.
  • Baby Shower: I had a beautiful baby shower back home with family and friends of our mothers. It was such a special day to spend time with so many great women that have watched us grow up and to see how excited everyone is about this baby.
  • Feeling Movement: I finally started to feel the baby move around 22 weeks and now I am constantly aware of their little wiggles and squirms. Some days its pretty mild and other days I’m pretty sure they are in there kickboxing. But knowing that they are active and healthy has been such a great reassurance and feeling the movement makes everything seem a bit more real at this point.

What We Have Planned This Trimester

  • Nursery Prep: We have gotten off to a very slow start on the nursery (construction problems) so we are finally looking to dive in and get everything ready for the baby. I am slowly starting to order things that we still need and SO anxious to get the nursery set up!
  • Choosing Names: We are still struggling on the name front but I am hoping to get it narrowed down a bit further before our due date arrives. Ideally I would like to have 2 options for boy and girl names. I have always felt like I will have to see the baby to really know his/her name so I want to have a few solid options to help us once he/she arrives!
  • Date Nights: I am trying to soak up as much of this alone time with Andrew as I can. I am sure by the time the baby arrives he will be sick of me because I’m pretty sure I am smothering him but I want to fit in as much as possible before we become a family of three.

Less than 90 days to go before we meet Baby Cannon. Thank you again to everyone who has been so helpful and supportive during our pregnancy!

4 thoughts on “Second Trimester Recap

  1. I love this little update.You’ll be so glad that you documented one day. I am so sorry you’re still so nauseous. That sounds miserable. I hope you feel better and I am so excited for y’all to meet baby 🙂

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  2. I can remember going to lunch with my wife one day and the next day being a family of three.

    Becoming a family was the most amazing thing I’ve experienced. It was nearly 21 years ago and I can recall it as if it happened this morning.

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