Pretty in Pink

DSC_0059.JPGI am so not a pink person. In fact, until recently you could not find a single pink item in my wardrobe. It is still a shock to me that I chose to wear a pink dress to my senior prom. Never the less, I have been loving light pink lately and it all started with this adorable pink hat. DSC_0068.jpgI was searching for winter hats and immediately fell in love with this one. I loved the style (very Downton Abbey) and thought the pink velvet bow was darling. Regardless of my lack of pink in my wardrobe, I was determined to make it work.Pink Hat, Turtleneck & Heels.jpgBefore Christmas I found these pink velvet heels and new they would go great with the hat. They were on major sale and I couldn’t resist. I knew that together they would be a fun look for a Valentine’s Day date night-festive but not too festive.Pink Hat, Turtleneck, Black CoatNormally I stick to all neutrals so this was a major change for me, but I loved these pieces too much not to give them a try. They work great together and individually as well. I know the heels will be great for work and to bring out the pastels in a few dresses I own. I love that they look great with both pants and skirts/dresses. And of course the hat will get plenty of use this winter.DSC_0066 - Version 2.JPG

HatCoat(also available here in nude/blush) | Turtleneck (similar here) | Jeans | Heels (also available here and here, similar here)

13 thoughts on “Pretty in Pink

  1. So pretty, Taylor!
    I would not consider myself a super girly girl. However, I do where pink a lot because I actually like the color (EXCEPT for hot pink– I am NOT a fan of very bright colors!) and others tell me that anything pink always looks great with my dark and eyes. 😉 Sometimes my friends laugh when I tell them I like pink. Lol! I guess it does more or less sound like something a 3 year old girl dressed as a Disney princess would say, but in my defense, most of my closet consists of neutrals as well. So, I need some pink to spice things up, right?! 😉
    I personally love this light pink color on you– it is absolutely beautiful! ❤

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  2. The pink is a very nice addition to your wardrobe! Everything matches so perfectly! I absolutely love pink, and I love it in all shades. It is such a cheerful color and it makes me happy every time I wear it. I hope you have a great day, Taylor!

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