Breakfast in Bed

DSC_2225.JPGSundays are really the only day that Andrew and I get any quality time together so we try to make the most of it. This usually means doing something fun for breakfast and dinner. Because Andrew has such a hectic and busy work schedule I try to do something special when I can and one of my favorite ways to surprise him is with breakfast in bed.DSC_2237.JPGWith Valentine’s Day coming up it seemed like a great weekend for it. There is something so comforting and enjoyable about waking up to a great breakfast and better yet, not having to get out of bed or change out of your pajamas!Breakfast in Bed.jpgDSC_2236.JPGIf you are like me (clumsy and prone to frequent spillage) breakfast in bed can be risky. So I usually try to keep it fairly simple with easy to eat foods like pastries and fruit, along with coffee and juice. But anything will do-toast, eggs, waffles, etc. Breakfast is our favorite so we love having something fun and different every weekend.DSC_2226.JPGBreakfast in bed doesn’t have to be fancy or require a lot of hard work. The purpose is to enjoy a slow an easy morning with a few favorite. So throw on your favorite robe or pajamas, grab some coffee and tea along with a few breakfast favorites, and enjoy a relaxing morning together! It is one of my favorite ways to spend our weekends together!

Breakfast Trays: here, here, and here


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