Motivational Monday: Phone Free

DSC_0561This past week I challenged myself to really cut back on the amount of time I am on my phone and social media. I am usually pretty good about limiting my use to certain times of the day and only checking my phone when I have notifications but I wanted to do even better. I was encouraged by my friend Molly to choose a certain amount of time each day to turn my phone completely off rather than just tucking it away.

I welcomed this challenge knowing that it would be good to really disconnect. I decided that I would shut my phone down for 30 minutes each night as I am getting ready for bed. While I try to tuck my phone away or put it on “do not disturb” during this time anyhow, there was something more refreshing about having the phone completely off.

It eliminated the temptation to check emails or scroll through Instagram or Facebook while I brushed my teeth or did a face mask. Not having my phone as a distraction while getting ready for bed really helped me to disconnect each night.

Once Friday arrived I decided to do even better and try to really eliminate unnecessary phone use while we were at the lake over the weekend. I kept my phone tucked away and on silent during the weekend only using it sparingly throughout the day. It was so refreshing to not be distracted by notifications and instead to focus on having a relaxing and enjoyable weekend.

So this week try to do a little “digital detox”. Shut down your phone, laptop, and TV for a designated period of time each day when you would otherwise be digitally engaged. Instead use that time for something productive, healthy or relaxing. Talk to your spouse/roommate, meditate, or tidy up the house. Take note of the difference disconnecting can make and appreciate this new time free of digital distractions.

12 thoughts on “Motivational Monday: Phone Free

  1. Such a good idea! I’ve been trying to do the same especially when I’m hanging out with friends and family. It’s nice to be able to focus on conversation and not have the temptation to constantly look down at your phone!

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