6 Ways to Enjoy the Final Days of Summer

The official start of Fall is one month away (September 22nd) and while I am excited for my favorite time of the year to begin I am trying to soak up as much of summer as I possibly can before the cooler temps arrive.

There were still a few things that I had yet to check off of my “summer bucket list” so we spent the past few weeks trying to fit in as much as we could. So with 4 weeks left of summer we plan on enjoying it all while we can.

Between more walks outside, a day at the Farmer’s Market, a weekend at the lake and a few other must do summer activities we have been busy.

I will be sharing more of our trip to the lake over the next two weeks including a lake packing guide and highlights. I want these next few weeks to really reflect the final days of summer and focus on enjoying the moment before we jump ahead to fall.

Here are a few ways to enjoy these last 4 weeks of summer:

  1. Spend a Day at the Lake: Or the beach/pool. Regardless of your local option, these warm days perfect for lounging by the water won’t last long. Take advantage of the warm weather and go for a swim or spend some time just enjoying the water and atmosphere.DSC_0952
  2. Visit the Farmer’s Market: Andrew and I had been wanting to visit the Farmer’s Market for so long and we finally stopped to explore. Seeing all of the local produce, goods and products was so much fun (and even more fun when using it to cook later). See what seasonal goodies your local market has to offer!DSC_0401
  3. Dine Outside: Whether you pack a picnic, have a BBQ or dine out on a patio, plan a meal outside. Those cooler summer nights are perfect for enjoying dinner outside!DSC_0432.JPG
  4. Go for a Bike Ride: I say every summer that I want to get a bike and it still hasn’t happened. I truly love going a bike rides whether it while we are at the lake, on a local trail or through town. If you don’t have a bike, research if your town/city has bikes available to rent as many do!
  5. Have a Campfire: Just because summer days are warm doesn’t mean you can’t curl up around the fire as the sun sets. Roast hotdogs or marshmallows and enjoy those cooler summer nights. Smores_0554.JPG
  6. Enjoy a Summer Treat: A few favorites to indulge in over the summer are ice cream, homemade popsicles or fresh squeezed lemonade. While these can absolutely be enjoyed year round there is something extra special about them on a warm summer day!FullSizeRender

What are you doing to enjoy these last few weeks of summer?

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