Travel Planning Tools

I love to travel and explore new places. Not only do I love going on a trip itself, but the planning is almost just as fun for me. I love researching the best places to stay, eat, see, etc. and finding tips from other’s travel experiences.

As I have started to travel a bit more in the past few years there are certain tools and resources that I love using. Not only are these tools helpful when planning your actual trip but they can also be used when deciding where you want to go.

We are headed to Chicago today and then to Kansas City so I am sharing a few of my favorite tools that I often use to help plan trips! What do you use to help you with your travel plans?

Books: This may seem old fashioned but I still love using travel books and guides. They can be such a great resource and I love being able to mark pages of what sounds most interesting.

  • Where Chefs Eat: This book is a must for any foodie who loves to travel. Various chefs from all over the world share there favorite spots to eat while traveling. From dives to Michelin starred restaurants all around the world there is surely a recommendation for everyone.
  • NY Times 36 Hours: This series by the New York Times is super helpful. They have 36 hour guides for locations all around the world. This is great for those quick weekend trips but also a good reference to use a starting point for longer trips. Surely if it is a must see in a 36 hour trip it is worth fitting in to a longer stay.
  • 10 Best of Everything: My in-laws introduced me to this book and it is so fun for travel. The book contains lists of the 10 best of literally everything. From diners and cafes, to hiking trails and lake shores, to shopping malls and amusement parks. This is a great way to check something amazing off of your travel bucket list! (They also have a National Park Edition & a Family Edition)

Pinterest: Any time I am planning a new trip I create a pinterest board for it. I also use pinterest to help choose a destination if I need a little inspiration. Going through old pins and seeing what stands out is a huge help. Using pinterest is a great way to save ideas and find tips from other travelers. You can find great sample itineraries and packing lists as well!

Apps: Most airlines have apps that can greatly improve your flight experience. The apps allow you to easily check in and have all your travel docs right there on your phone. Some hotels offer the same where you can check in right from your phone and have your room card on your phone as well (like Hilton Hotels).

Bloggers: I love reading other blogs for reviews of their trips and trip itineraries/packing lists. It is great to see what other people did/didn’t enjoy. Not only can reading other blogs be helpful but I love to check out posts by local bloggers as well. Local bloggers will have such a great insight on the city/location and probably have some “insider” tips & suggestions.

You can also find travel itineraries and tips on Living Taylored!

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