Coffee Date: Stripes & Lemon Print

Sundays are usually the one day my husband I and have quality time together. With him working about 80-90 hours a week we try to make the most of it. While we usually spend most of the day relaxing at home or cooking together, we sometimes like to venture out for a bit and treat ourselves to breakfast, brunch or a nice dinner out.

Last week we headed downtown for a quick photo shoot and then to grab coffee and pastries at one of my favorites coffee shops.  After a few quick photos (it was freezing), we stopped into Aromas for some delicious Pecan Sticky Buns and a coffee and cappuccino to warm us up.



It is the little moments like this that I enjoy most about our time together. Marriage isn’t always exciting nor is life always glamorous and thrilling, but making the most of the simple things and little moments together makes all the difference. And lets be honest, I’m happy with anything as long as coffee is involved….


So we enjoyed our morning coffee and quick trip downtown on a chilly Sunday before we fell back into our weekly work routine. Whether it is a simple day at home, a coffee run, trip to the grocery store, or date night out, I am always thrilled to spend time with my husband.


With such a busy schedule (mostly Andrew’s) its important to both of us to make the most of our time together so that is exactly what we try to do. Not only do we try to make time for each other, but support each other 100%. I honestly wouldn’t still be blogging if it weren’t for Andrew. There have been several times where I have felt like giving up but he has encouraged me to keep going (and has jumped in as my photographer). Even though he doesn’t do social media and he doesn’t “get/understand” blogging he still encourages me to keep at it.


An enormous thanks to my wonderful husband who continuously supports and encourages me. And of course, for taking photos for Living Taylored.

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