Spring Color

Even though it has still been quite chilly out the past few weeks I have slowly started to break out spring clothes. However, I’m not complaining about the weather. I prefer temperatures that let me wear layers and light jackets.

The color scheme of my closet also drastically favors cooler weather with mostly earth tones and neutrals. But recently I have started to incorporate more color into my wardrobe (see here). This scarf  was my first step in “branching out” by incorporating something new and adding a bit more color and print  to my closet of mostly cream, black and navy.

Spring Color.jpg

I really wanted to try wearing cute little neck ties like this one, but didn’t think I could pull it off. My mother-in-law talked me into giving it a try and I have been obsessed ever since (as seen here).

Spring Color Collage.jpg

Bandada: J Crew | Sweater: J Crew | Jeans: J Crew Factory | Rain Boots: Jack Rogers

Thanks to my wonderful mom for taking these photos!

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