How to Style the Bandana

Growing up I remember my mom would always wear the prettiest scarves and neck ties. My sister and I would love to go through her box of scarves and pick one out to wear. She always looked so stylish and I loved looking so much like her.

Lately I noticed that these little scarves were making a big come back and I was so anxious to give it a try again. I don’t usually jump in on trends, but with this one I couldn’t resist. I wasn’t sure if I could pull it off but during a shopping trip with my mother-in-law she convinced me to try it. Now I am hooked. After adding a few to my wardrobe I started experimenting with different ways to style them so I have compiled a few of my favorites!

Neck Knot

This is definitely the most common way I have seen these styled and the way that I wear them most often (as worn here and here). They are such a fun addition to a sweater or even a simple t-shirt. Below I have it tied in a single knot (left), a loose knot (middle), and a double knot (right).

Neck KnotsClassic Bandana


Bracelet Bow

I have seen so many people style a bandana or scarf around their wrist as a fun little bracelet or bow (as seen here).

Hair Tie

Hair Ties

I don’t usually wear mine in my hair but there are so many ways to style it. Here I have worn it tied around a ponytail and wrapped as a headband.

Bag Bow

Bandanas make such a cute addition to a bag or purse! Tie them in a bow around the handle or wrap the handle completely.

bag bow.jpg

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