Skin Solution

After going a month without make-up I became more motivated to take care of my skin. I felt like I had tried so many products over the years and could never quite get the results I was hoping for but this time I was determined to make a change. I started looking into different products and quickly realized I had no idea what I really needed or what would work to fix my problems.


Thankfully, my mother-in-law new I was on the search for new products to help clear up my skin and she sent me a book called “Skin Type Solutions” by Dr. Baumann. As soon as it arrived I quickly started reading to learn more about skin care and how I could improve my complexion.

According to the book there are 4 main components of skin type:

  • Oily vs. Dry
  • Sensitive vs. Resistant
  • Non-Pigmented vs. Pigmented
  • Tight vs. Wrinkle Prone

The book has a 4 part questionnaire to help you determine the type of skin you have. After determining your skin type the book recommends a specific skin care routine for morning and night, along with products that may be helpful and ingredients to avoid based on your skin conditions/problems.

Before taking the quiz I thought I had a pretty good idea of what type of skin I have but it really opened my eyes and helped me learn more about how to take care of my skin and treat it effectively.

After learning more about my skin type and the products I should/shouldn’t use I cleaned out my medicine cabinet and started fresh. Hopefully with in a few weeks I will have found new products that I love to use.

Regardless of the type of skin you have or problems you may fight, this book is definitely worth looking into! You can find the updated version of the book here or take the quiz online here.

Gaining a little insight in to how to treat my specific skin type has made a huge difference and I hope you find it to be helpful too!

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