Building a Versatile Wardrobe

As I am getting older and discovering what defines my own personal style I have been trying to fine-tune my wardrobe by purchasing versatile and basic staples.

By sticking to a list of staple pieces (along with a few fun splurges) this can not only help you save money when it comes to shopping but TIME too. By creating a wardrobe that is filled with versatile pieces you will have endless options for pairing outfits and nearly anything will work together.

To get started I sat down and made a list of the key pieces that I was missing from my closet that I knew would never go out of style (nothing excessively trendy), could be worn throughout most seasons, and would serve a specific purpose or need (ie: I live in Nebraska so snow boots are a must, however if you live in Nevada you can probably do without).

After I wrote out my entire list I went through it again to see if I was missing anything or if there were any items that I could probably do without. Once the list is complete, limit yourself to only purchasing items off of the list. I wouldn’t recommend shopping for everything all at once but slowly build your wardrobe based on these key pieces.

Not only will you save money by not splurging on random items, but having a list of specifics pieces will help you keep an eye out for great deals and you can compare prices.

A few personal staples that I had on my list:

  • Navy Blazer
  • Oxford button-downs
  • Bean Boots (for Nebraska’s snowy winters)
  • Black skirt (I couldn’t believe I still didn’t have one! A black skirt is great for work, holidays, special occasions, etc.)
  • Solid color sweaters (blue and navy)

While I was preparing my list I made sure that I could clearly justify each item other than the sole fact that “I didn’t already own it” or “I really want it”. A few questions I asked myself with each item, “how often will you wear it”, “do you already own something similar”, “can you wear it for multiple seasons/occasions”, etc.

When making your list, keep in mind that what is practical for one person may not be practical for you. For example, I had button down oxfords on my list because I tend to dress up and wear similar pieces for work, but that may not be your specific taste or need.

What are some pieces that you consider a staple? Have questions about how to make your own list?

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