Packing for Connecticut

As I mentioned before, this is my first New England trip so I have been checking for weather predictions regularly so I am prepared for New England Fall weather.

Regardless of the weather forecast I think comfortable layers will be necessary as we will be spending a lot of our time walking around and exploring all of the charming Connecticut towns near Washington.

This is the first trip I have ever been on where I don’t have a detailed plan of everything we will be doing so it is important that I am ready for all occasions. Between a few nice dinners, hikes along the coast, exploring the towns and taking in the fall foliage I will need a variety of outfits.

With a combination of sweaters, a flannel or two, a nice blouse, jeans and a skirt I will be prepared for any adventure or occasion. This really is a great start for any fall packing list!


1. Barbour Jacket 2. Plaid Flannel 3. Quilted Vest (similar) 4. Ralph Lauren Faux Leather Trim Trench 5. Lace Blouse 6. Black Wool Skirt (similar) 7. Jeans 8&9.  LL Bean Sweaters 10. Leather Camera Bag 11. Bean Boots 12. Hunter Boots 13. Riding Boots

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