8AM Classes- Starting Your Day Early

I knew so many students who made it their mission to avoid any classes before 10AM all 4 years of college. I however preferred to schedule classes for the morning so I would have my afternoons open for studying, work, and other activities.

Although I am naturally a morning person I always felt that it was easier to wake up for classes rather than to wake up intending to study prior to classes. Regardless of whether or not you are a morning person early morning classes don’t have to be a struggle.

  • Get organized the night before: Whether this is getting your backpack/bag ready, laying out your outfit, or setting your alarm, the more you do to prep the night before the easier it will be to get out the door on time.
  • Get to bed early: Getting to bed at a decent time will make it much easier to wake up early the next day. Plan ahead and try to finish all assignments/tasks earlier than you normally would to ensure that you can get to bed at a decent time.
  • Get your morning fix: Even if you aren’t normally someone who does breakfast (which you really should, it is such an important part of the day) make sure that you grab something to eat along with coffee, tea, or water. Getting some food in your system will make it much easier to wake up and get going so you can be awake and focused for those early classes.

Early morning classes don’t have to be a struggle! It can be great to get your classes out of the way to have your afternoons open for studying and other school activities (learning to balance it all is so important!). Not only will these 8am classes helped you better utilize your time during the day but they will also help you get used to have to be somewhere at 8am every morning after graduating!


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