One Year in Minnesota

It has been a year since we moved to Minnesota so I thought I would share a little update. At the end of May we said goodbye to our home in Omaha and moved to Rochester, MN for Andrew’s medical residency.

I was of course sad to leave Omaha and the life we had created together there. It was bittersweet leaving our first home, the place where Andrew proposed and where we brought home both babies. But we were excited for this new adventure.

Moving can be a roller coaster of emotions; saying goodbye, trying to settle in, making it feel like a home, acclimating to new places, meeting new people. Excitement and joy mixed in with sadness and nerves, but overall it has been a pretty good year.

We settled into our home faster than I expected we would. And a big part of that was the help from our families. They did SO much for us in helping us move, unpack and make the house feel like our own.

It probably took about a week or two for me to stop waking up each morning and thinking “oh yeah, this is home now”. And there have still been moments throughout the year that it hits me all over again. Like the first time we traveled and return home here instead of Omaha. Or the first time we went back to Omaha to visit.

But this year has been filled with so many fun “firsts”. Like our first holidays here, the first time waking to this house covered in snow, the first time having new friends over, Eleanor’s first steps and so many other great moments.

While it can be challenging at times and we still have our moments of feeling “new” or like we are still settling in, it has been a great adventure for all of us.

We have wonderful neighbors, we’ve made great friends and we’ve found new favorite places to go in town. It feels like home and I couldn’t be happier about it.

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