Spring with Sarah Flint

I’ve been anxious for spring for quite a while now and one of the things I was most excited for was breaking out some of my favorite warm weather shoes. We had a brief glimpse of spring with 80° days around Easter but the temperature quickly dropped to the 40’s with a couple snowy days.

Thankfully I was able to break out these wedges during those warmer days and I’m planning on taking them to Napa with me too.

While putting together this post I realized that SO many of my favorite spring styles are on sale right now PLUS the Sarah Flint team recently told me that my discount code has been increased to $60off and can be used on the sale items as well!

Mirjana Sandal

It’s hard to choose a favorite from Sarah Flint but the Mirjana Sandal is definitely up there. Two summers ago I ordered so many different sandals trying to find a pair that were both cute and comfortable. I tried about 6 different pairs from various brands and sent them all back. Then I tried the Mirjana and I was immediately hooked. They are so cute, I mean that bow detail is so good. But they are also comfortable! I can go on walks in them and never have an issue. Several colors are on sale right now. I have both the white and the brown and love them!

On Sale: ALL colors and under $200 when combined with code SARAHFLINT-BATAYLORC

Grear Sandal

I don’t actually own the Grear Sandal so I can’t attest to its comfort but I know it’s super popular. I have friends who love it and know it’s popular among celebrities as well (Meghan Markle and Cindy Crawford). Several color ways are on sale right now.

On Sale: Citrus Spritz, White, Gold

Mirjana Wedge

Obviously I love the Mirjana Sandal but this wedge is magic. All wedges should be made like this one. They just don’t get any better. I own the taller version even though I was skeptical about getting such a high wedge but they are so comfortable. They have a padded arch support making it easy to walk around in without hurting your feet. Now that I have these I have a feeling a will rarely wear my other wedges. It will be hard to go back.

Natalie Flats & Slingbacks

I would say these are both more of a year-round shoe or at the very least a 3 season shoe. I love mine and wear them as much as I possibly can when it’s nice out. They are just such a perfect combination of classy, casual and feminine.

On Sale: Pink Embossed Natalie Flat, Espresso Croc Slingback

Sacchetto Ballet Flat

Like the Natalie’s these flats aren’t specifically a spring shoe and can be worn most of the year. But I do love styling them for spring. A few versions on sale right now would be perfect for spring and summer.

On Sale: Pink, Navy Suede, Rose Gold, Espresso Check

These are just a few of the styles from Sarah Flint that I think are great for spring. There are many more styles on sale too so be sure to check out the sale page and don’t forget that code SARAHFLINT-BATAYLORC can be used for $60 off your first purchase!

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