Weekly Menu Feb. 20th

Hi friends, hope you had a great weekend. We just got back from grocery shopping so I thought I would share our weekly menu and this weeks recipes!


  • Fajita Chicken: this recipe is such a great weeknight meal. It’s simple, easy, and healthy. Hilary always has great meals!
  • Lasagna: no recipe for the lasagna but it’s so good. My MIL made it for us and brought it in her most recent trip. It’s a family favorite.
  • Sesame Chicken: we make a variation of this sesame chicken and fried rice. I’m terrible at fried rice so I let Andrew handle this one 😉
  • Spinach Artichoke Chicken: another great and easy recipe from Hilary
  • White Bean Enchiladas: this is my friend Claire’s recipe and it is SO good. Such a quick and easy meatless meal!

What are you making this week? Share your favorite recipes below so we can add them to our next menu!

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