Valentine Finds

I’ve probably said it before, but I’ve never cared for Valentine’s Day. Up until having kids I never really celebrated or did anything too special to mark the occasion. Andrew and I would usually make a nice dinner together at home and I would give him his favorite caramels. Now that we have Jack and Eleanor we don’t make as fancy of a dinner, but I love making the day extra special for the kids with little decorations, themed meals and a small surprise. I’ve seen so many cute things for Valentine’s Day this year that I couldn’t resist putting together some of my favorites. If you are searching for a gift, want to treat yourself or want something cute to wear I have rounded up a little bit of everything, including some picks for kids!

Striped Puff Sleeve | Pink Shawl | Heart Earrings | Kid’s Pink Heart Pajamas | Kid’s Blue Heart Pajamas | Women’s Pink Heart Pajamas (also available in blue) | Red Dress | “XO” Craft Kit | Heart Craft Kit | Pink & Red Striped Shirt | Pink Slippers | Floral Stationery | Pink Blanket | Floral Mug | Pink Striped Sweater (also available in solid) | Red Shirt | Little Blue Truck Book | Construction Book | Red Lace Dress

This year we are having a little family celebration at home on Valentine’s Day. The kids picked out some heart shaped pasta and I have a festive little table planned for them as well. While I would LOVE to get dressed up in a dress like this one, you’re more likely to find me in a festive t-shirt like this for our celebration.

Jack & Eleanor both love doing crafts and this heart craft kit was a hit with them. You could use it as an activity the day of Valentine’s Day or have your kiddos paint them ahead of time and then use them as decoration. And we know I’m a sucker for a matching moment, especially when it comes to pajamas. I love the heart print pajamas from LAKE this year and of course love that they have a blue option too! I’m giving each of the kids a little book for Valentine’s day and I know Jack will love this construction book, if you have a truck lover too this book is another great option!

I’ll be sharing more fun Valentine’s Day finds on Instagram!

Are you doing anything fun to celebrate?


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