Fall Breakfast Board

Happy first day of fall!! I’ve already been in the fall mood and mindset but since today is the first official day of fall I’m celebrating with a fall theme day with the kids.

Last year I started the day will a fall breakfast board and Jack loved it. He actually gets super excited anytime a dozen a themed board, it’s really sweet. So naturally I use any excuse to make one and celebrating the start of my favorite season is a no brainer.

For our breakfast board a used apple cider donuts, yogurt with maple granola, pumpkin muffins and apple slices. I also surprised the kids with two new seasonal books.

I love that you don’t really need a recipe or guide when creating a themed board. It really comes down to whatever you want and anything goes!

I thought I would share a few favorites I’ve seen online to provide some inspiration and I’ll share a list of my favorite seasonal children’s books too in case you’d like to surprise your little ones!

Fall Snack Board Inspiration

Fall Children’s Books

This year I picked up a few fall crafts for the kids. Target always has great seasonal crafts and Jack loves them so I grabbed a few ceramic pumpkins to paint. I’m doing a grilled cheese board for lunch and hoping to make pumpkin bars to have after dinner. I love this cozy season so much and enjoy making the most of it. I hope this post gives you some ideas for how to create some fun this season!

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