My Favorite Women Owned/Founded Businesses

This post contains affiliate links through which I make a small commission off any purchases.

In honor of International Women’s Day I wanted to share a few of my favorite women owned businesses. I say a few, but as I’m thinking of this list in my head I’m realizing that SO many of my favorite brands are owned and started by women and I’m sure I will end up forgetting a few.

Ring Dishes by Maryfrances Carter & Initial Bracelet from Names for Good

Dudley Stephens– Of course Dudley Stephens is at the top of list. Their turtlenecks are my most worn pieces. They allow me to be comfortable and read for life as a mom while still feeling good and put together. Not only that but they are made in the USA from recycled plastic! DS was started by two sisters influenced by coastal nights and the desire to be warm while not sacrificing style and comfort. You can get $25 off your first order here.

ChappyWrap– Another household favorite that makes the BEST blankets (along with other great new pieces like pillows and shawls) was started by a mother-daughter duo with the goal of making a great family blanket that would be loved and cherished for years to come.

Names for Good– Started by a mom who was making bracelets for her friends these sweet bracelets allow you to look good and DO good at the same time. The proceeds from the bracelets go towards local children’s charities.

Little Poppy Co– I love this bow company started by two sister-in-laws. I subscribe to their monthly bow releases for Eleanor and they always have the cutest styles for little girls and sometimes matching or coordinating pieces for the rest of the family too! You can get your first month of bows for $5 using this link. (Use code BFF5)

Sarah Flint– Sarah Flint’s namesake, Sarah Flint founded the shoe company seeking to create designer shoes at a more affordable price point. Sarah designs many of the styles and makes sure that comfort is never sacrificed. These are truly some of the best shoes I have ever owned. The quality is incredible, the details are beautiful and they are so comfortable. You can use the code SARAHFLINT-BATAYLORC for $50off you first order.

Margaux– Margaux is another favorite shoe brand. Alexa and Sarah started Margaux with the goal of creating shoes that are perfect for everyday life. They are comfortable, stylish and top quality. They continue to release new styles in the hopes of creating a shoe that appeals to everyone and every lifestyle. They have everything from flats and heels to boots and sandals, and now their most recent launch, a sneaker. Get $20off your order here.

Maryfrances Carter– Maryfrances creates the most beautiful heirloom pottery pieces, most of which are blue and white, so of course I LOVE them. She has monthly releases, which typically sell out within minutes, but they are beautiful and so SO worth the wait!

Vana Chupp Studio – While I don’t currently own any Vana Chupp pieces, they are on my dream list. She makes the most beautiful silhouette pieces that you can wear or hang in your home. Such a sweet way to commemorate those tiny little features of your kiddos. I can’t wait to get a piece featuring Jack & Eleanor.

Haverhill Collection– My Haverhill bracelet is one of my most cherished items. These bracelets, necklaces and rings are another great way to honor birthdays, anniversaries and other special moments in your life.

Brooke & Lou– Brooke & Lou was started by Bria Hammel, of Bria Hammel Interiors. She is one of my favorite interior designers so naturally I love just about everything Brooke & Lou. They have beautiful fabrics and wallpapers designed exclusively for their brand. It is classic, refreshing and my personal favorite “Life Friendly” (their signature line of pieces made to withstand kiddos and pets).

I’m sure there are several other women owned brands that I know and love but these were the first that came to mind today. What are some of your favorites?

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