The Weight of the World

I had plans to start back up with some regular content this past week. I’ve really taken a step back from the blog over the past two years. In part because motherhood keeps me busy and also because with all that’s going on in the world it often seems inappropriate to be sharing style and lifestyle posts when there are so many more pressing and important issues.

The world has felt especially heavy for the past two years. And there have been long stretches where I just don’t feel good about sharing content that seems so insignificant in comparison to war and pandemics.

I created this blog to use as a creative outlet. I know that this blog isn’t for sharing political content and works issues, but it doesn’t make it easier to share the “fluffy stuff” when the world seems like such a dark place.

But as I said, this blog is a creative outlet. So while I am well aware of the tragedies happening around the world, it helps to have a distraction. Something light to take away from the stress and anxiety that have often felt suffocating.

It’s not lost in me how lucky and fortunate I am. And in my personal time I do what I can as an individual to make a difference in this world even if it’s a small one. I pray, I donate and most importantly I teach my kids in the hopes that they can grow up and make this world a better place.

So before I move forward with any regular blog content, please know I too am feeling the heaviness of the world right now. I worry, I stress, I cry. But I also hope, pray and take action even if that isn’t always shared here on the blog. I hope this is a place you can come to when the weight of the world is too much. We all need a distraction so long as we don’t ignore the realities of life around us.

xx Taylor

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