Book Club: Growing Boldly Part 4

Time slipped away from the this weekend and after having a lovely Mother’s Day I never got around to typing up my recap of Part 4- L: Love People Well.

I really loved this section and its talk of integrity, kindness, and legacy. All important aspects of growth and pursuing a better life, this section was filled with reminders of what truly matters. I’m rounding up my favorite quotes and bits of wisdom from this section, but don’t let these recaps stop you from reading the book yourself. There is so much more goodness within these pages!

  • “Proceed in love” (pg. 121)
  • “I am who I say I am. I am who God says I am. I’m not who you want me to be” (pg. 125)
  • “Approach your relationships with more grace and less of an expectation of perfection” (pg.131)
  • “Whatever you do, believe in it.” (pg. 133)
  • “How can this life you love inspire others, help others and serve others?” (pg.137)
  • “Do the little things that add up to grand moments…” (pg. 156)

This section was filled with reminders to live your life with purpose and intention. It is easy to lose sight of that in today’s world but and I’m thankful for the reminders and encouragement that fill the pages of Growing Boldly.

Are you reading along with us? What spoke to you in this section?

Don’t forget to look for Sarah’s recap here.

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