Living Lately No. 50

Sunset in Kennebunkport_0105Happy Friday!

this week has been crazy. I actually had this post planned for last Friday but never got around to posting. Anyway, I can’t believe it is already November! I am so excited for the approaching holiday season. Even though Jack is too little to really understand what is going on I am so excited to share this time of year with him.

It has been a little while since I’ve posted because I have been working on a few projects. I’ve spent the past few weeks brainstorming and working on a few ideas for the blog that I can’t wait to share with you all. I have a few new series that I will be sharing soon along with some fun features & collaborations!



Loving Lately

  • Purely Simply: My lovely friend Nora & her sister-in-law just launched their blog Purely Simple. It is beautiful and is sure to contain so many amazing thoughts and ideas. I am so excited to see their hard work come to life and I hope you will follow along!!
  • GMG Coat Collection: Gal Meets Glam recently launched a line of coats and they are GORGEOUS!

NEW Friday Feature

Social media & the internet can be a dark hole of comparison of feeling like we need more. That has never been my goal with Living Taylored and through this blog I have connected with other amazing women who focus on sharing positive messages and focusing on the simple things in life. I have loved getting to know these wonderful women and want to introduce you all to them as well so in every Living Lately post I will have a “Friday Feature” in which I share a new account that I am loving and hope you will too! The first feature will be in the net Living Lately post!

Living Taylored Lately

Next Month

  • A Favorite New Brand
  • How My Style Has Changed With Motherhood

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