Why We Decided to Try the Snoo: An Honest Review

Before even getting pregnant I had heard about the Snoo and read so many different reviews. Most people said it was amazing and worth the splurge. I had no doubts, but when it came time to consider investing in one I just couldn’t do it.

Why? I didn’t like the idea of a machine being what comforted and soothed my baby. Fast forward several months to having a 6 week old who won’t sleep… I was desperate. We had tried just about every swaddle imaginable, I took an online sleep course, and read the Mom’s on Call book. Sleep was starting to improve, but still a struggle.

At this point I would have gladly paid the $1300 price tag if it meant good sleep. However we decided to rent the Snoo instead to test it out.

We just recently transitioned out of the Snoo as Jack approached 6 months. After using it for almost 4 months I wanted to share our opinion so here is what we think:

What We Like

  • The Snoo sack (swaddle) clips into the Snoo to keep the baby from unsafe rolling. Jack was rolling to his side from day one so knowing that he couldn’t get himself into a dangerous position put our minds at ease.
  • Settings of the Snoo are customizable. The motion on levels 3 & 4 made me a tad uncomfortable but you can set the snoo to never reach those levels. You can also lock the Snoo on Levels 1 & 2. This is great for the baby who needs a little extra motion to help them fall or stay asleep.

What We Don’t Like

  • While the app does allow for some customization of the motion settings I wish there were a tad more freedom to adjust. I didn’t care for the highest motion setting and I wish there were a way to keep it from reaching that level (Level 4) however you can only adjust it to not go over Level 2.
  • This is a small annoyance but I wish the light on the button were a tad dimmer. It seems awfully bright, especially when trying to achieve complete blackout which is preferable for baby sleep.

How We Used It

Honestly the main reason we use it is that it securely clips Jack in. I rest a lot easier knowing that he can’t get himself into a dangerous position. In addition to feeling that he is safe, the light motion helps keep him asleep. However, Jack isn’t the best sleeper so for us personally the motion of the Snoo doesn’t work to get him back to sleep if he wakes up from naps. For some reason though, this does work at night. If I hear him getting restless or starting to wake too early I increase the motion or sound to soothe him and it usually helps lengthen that specific stretch of sleep.

Transitioning Out Of The Snoo

The Snoo does have a weaning feature (you can set it to weaning mode in the app) however it seemed like an abrupt jump to go from constant motion to no motion at all, especially for a baby who is a difficult sleeper.

So I set up my own plan for transitioning out of the Snoo. For a week we switched all naps to the lowest level of motion but kept it at the purple level for nighttime. Then did a week of all sleep at the lowest level. Next we did a week of no motion during naps and the lowest level during nighttime. We then switched to all naps in the pack-n-play where Jack would be sleeping post-Snoo. And then eventually transitioned completely to the pack-n-play. This may seem like a drawn out and excessive way to wean but for Jack (who hates sleep) it was necessary in my opinion. I highly doubt most babies would need such an excessive transition plan.

Does it Work?

For us, YES. We noticed a major change in sleep once we started using it. Especially nighttime sleep. However, from what I have heard, the Snoo helps most babies to fall asleep on their own for naps and bedtime. This wasn’t the case for Jack. We had to put him in the Snoo fully asleep (again, he is just a difficult sleeper).

Is it Worth It?

After having 6 weeks of sleepless nights and struggling with nap time, I honestly wish we would have tried it sooner. But before baby I naively thought, “if my baby needs soothed I can do it myself.” I had no idea that we would have such a difficult sleeper and how truly exhausted I would be.

Andrew and I both agree that for baby #2 (if we are blessed with another baby) then we will use the Snoo from day one.

Do You Need It?

I wish I could give a straight forward answer, but truthfully, it depends. Some babies are just better sleepers than others and don’t need the added motion to help them sleep. For us, the Snoo made a huge difference. We had 7 weeks of sleepless nights and refusal to nap until we started using the Snoo. If you are unsure if it is worth having consider your options; the Snoo is available to rent by month or if you purchase there is a 30 day trial period.

Have you tried the Snoo for your little one? What were your thoughts? If you are on the fence about getting it, feel free to ask questions!

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