No Shop July

StripesFirst, how is it already July?! This year is half way over and I feel like it JUST started. Which makes me look back on my goals at the beginning of the year… maybe you remember my post about cutting back and taking a shopping detox? Well its now been 6 months and I can honestly say I think I failed about 3 months in…

After having Jack and no longer being in maternity clothes I couldn’t help myself. It had been so long since I enjoyed getting dressed or picking out clothes that I ended up shopping. It was a combination of want and need. I needed a few pieces that would fit my new body and be easy to nurse in but I also wanted to purchase things that I probably didn’t need after missing out on lots of cute things for 9 months (bad excuse, I know).

But after a few months of mindless shopping I realize how off track I’ve gotten and I’m ready to start fresh. Maybe a year long shopping detox was a bit too ambitious for me. After hearing that my friend Nora and her sister-in-law, Elsa were doing “No Shop July” I decided this was the perfect opportunity do a do-over.

So what is “No Shop July”? It is pretty simple- a month without shopping. Not only will I not be shopping for the month but I am hoping to also use this as an opportunity to clean out my wardrobe and focus on classic and staple pieces.

I am hoping to share a lot of small posts on Instagram of multiple ways to style a certain piece as will Nora and Elsa. I would love to have you join us in our month of no-shopping and instead “shop your closet”. Be sure to follow along, tag us in your own posts and use the hashtag #noshopjuly for inspiration or to share your own success!

3 thoughts on “No Shop July

  1. I did a no-spend January years ago and was shocked at how much it reset my shopping habits. Sometimes you don’t need a whole year-long experiment—you just need a fresh start to get you back on track. Good luck!

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