The Best of 2018

At the end of every year I love reflecting on all that happened. I know the New Year is often a time to look ahead and make resolutions, changes and plans. While I do that too, and have some changes in mind for 2019, I really love looking back on the previous year to reflect on all that happened and how it helped shape me. 2018 was full of excitement and I have no doubt 2019 will be any different. As this year comes to a close I wanted to share a few of my favorite highlights from the year and shed some light on my “plans” for 2019.

Mother Daughter TripIMG_4237

In March I took a trip with my mom to Chicago for my 25th birthday. It was so special to have that one-on-one time with her. Other than a weekend trip to Omaha for my 15th birthday this was the first time we really experienced travelling together. We had such a great time exploring the city together.

Celebrating AccomplishmentsLands End Lookout_0303In February Andrew found out he received an NIH grant for work so we decided to take a trip to celebrate his hard work. He had spent months working so hard for this and it was so fun to celebrate his achievements in San Francisco and Napa.

Growing Our FamilyBaby Announcement_0754In June we learned our family would be growing. Baby Cannon is due in February 2019 and while this pregnancy has been HARD we couldn’t be happier. I know we have a lot of changes and challenges ahead of us as we enter parenthood but we are looking forward to meeting this little one.

First Trip AbroadFall in London_0871In October we took a trip to England & Scotland with Andrew’s family. This was my first trip abroad. We had such a great time exploring together. Not only was it great to spend time with my in-laws but such a fun way to celebrate on one last trip before we welcome the baby next year.

I know 2019 will be another great year. With a baby on the way I’m sure it will be full of changes, new experiences and challenges but I am absolutely looking forward to it all. As with most people this time of year I hope to make a few changes in 2019. Mostly the way I spend my time, energy and money. I’ll hopefully be sharing more on this at the start of the new year once I have my “plan” (hopes/intentions) more mapped out. In the mean time, have a wonderful NYE celebration. I hope everyone had a wonderful year!

7 thoughts on “The Best of 2018

  1. Love you so much and thank you for such a great time in Chicago and for being such a wonderful daughter and sister! We can barely stand the wait to meet baby C! We are also so excited to have this New Year trip to spend time together as a family ❤️❤️❤️

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  2. Wow, your mom looks so young! What a fun trip to take together! One thing I was really glad we did before we had kids was to travel to some pretty cool places, so you’ll be glad you had those times with just the two of you! (Not that you can’t travel with kids, of course, but it’s just different.)

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