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Chai Tea LatteThere are still a few weeks left of winter which seems like the perfect excuse to make the most of the cold weather and curl up inside with good show to watch. I may not be the most “qualified” person to write this post because we don’t actually own a T.V. but with so many different streaming services online there is always something great to watch.

So here is what is currently being watched in our house.


We usually like to watch an episode of something after dinner each night before Andrew has to head back to work. I know it isn’t always the best use of time, but it is a nice way to relax at the end of the day.

The Good Place: We both LOVE this show. It’s short, pleasant and SO funny. We usually have a hard time finding shows that we both 100% love, but this one is a winner. You can watch the first season on Netflix and the second season can be streamed on NBC online.

Kimmy Schmidt: This one took a while for us to get into but eventually we liked it. I wouldn’t say it is as funny as shows like The Office or Parks and Rec but I definitely chuckle while watching.

Master Class: Right now we are watching Thomas Keller’s Master Class. We both love cooking and watching the lessons together has been so much fun. Master Class offers a variety of video classes on various topics. Watching and learning together is a great way to bond and there is definitely a class for everyone!

By Myself

I like to have something to watch on my own for nights that Andrew is gone or weekends at home by myself and these are a few of my favorites, all of which are re-watches.

Parenthood: This show is just SO good. I think I have watched the series in full at least 3 times and I never get sick of it. If you like This Is Us you will absolutely love Parenthood. It is so relatable, funny and moving.

The Crown: The first two seasons were so good. I am a little worried about Season 3 since it will have an entirely new cast but honestly the settings and wardrobe are reason enough to watch.

This Is Us: Yes, I, like most of America, am currently obsessed with this show. I cry every episode and I don’t just mean tears, it is a full on ugly cry. I love the way the show is filmed and how the stories are told. Definitely worth watching!

What are you currently watching? We love recommendations for new shows to watch together (or great movies)!

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  1. Yes! The Good Place might just be my favorite show of all time. I love it so much! Watching The Crown has been a struggle for me though, but great to hear your good review. Did you enjoy it starting with the first episode? It has just been so hard for me to get into.


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