Wedding Series: Tools and Resources for Planning a Wedding

I know that for many couples planning a wedding can be a stressful event. Other than a few little bumps along the way I can honestly say that we had a relatively easy time planning our wedding. I truly believe though, that if your indentions are good and you know that the marriage is more important than the wedding itself, then everything will work out just fine. So in the next few Wedding Series Posts I will be sharing a few tips from myself and a few other lovely married ladies on successfully planning a wedding!

Whenever I would think about my future wedding  the thought of using a wedding planner or coordinator never even crossed my mind. I think this is mostly due to “Type A” personality and my love of planning and organizing. I knew there were plenty of options for planning and coordinating the wedding so I knew that once we were engaged we would have a lot to consider in terms or resources and tools to help us. It may seem like these tools will be helpful but where does one even start? How do you determine which tools and resources to use? Today I am sharing a list of the tools and resources that were used by myself and the wedding series contributors.


The Married


  • I think just about everyone living in the Pinterest era has a wedding theme board or has at least browsed ideas for their someday wedding. Pinterest is such a great way to get ideas and inspiration for everything from the cake, to the dress, to the table settings.
    • Group Boards: I am embarrassed to admit just how many wedding theme boards (all private) I had on Pinterest while I was planning the wedding. I had my own, one with my mom, one with my mom and my mother-in-law, one for the bridal shower, and the list goes on… But since I didn’t live with family and friends in the same town we heavily relied on Pinterest for sharing ideas and coordinating. My mom and mother-in-law lived 3 hours away, my MOH was my 17 year old sister who was still in high school and my other bridesmaid was my best friend who lived in Seattle. Pinterest was a HUGE help in planning and enabling us all to share and be on the same page.
  • Anna: I’m not going to lie I had that wedding Pinterest board made when you still had to ‘invite’ people to Pinterest – I was the OG Pinterest bride.
  • Courtney: I used Pinterest like crazy. Any detail that was involved in our wedding, I had a board for it. My florist created a flower board that we would both post pictures on to make sure we were on the right page.

Wedding Apps

  • The Knot: Downloading The Knot’s wedding app was super helpful. The best feature was the budget tool that allowed you to set and customize a budget. This made it so helpful when trying to decide on certain item. It is a great way to figure out what areas you want to splurge or sacrifice as well. It also has features that help you keep track of RSVPs and gives you a timeline for booking and ordering things like the venue, caterer, photographer, etc.
  • Wedding Gawker: Like pinterest but ALL THINGS WEDDING! So great for inspiration!
    • Anna: I used – I highly recommend checking it out if you never have!


  • Emily Post’s Wedding Etiquette: I was gifted this book by my mother-in-law as soon as we got engaged. It contains information on everything from party and invitation rules, guest and announcement etiquette, wedding attire, etc. If you are someone who likes to do things “by the book” or properly, this is a great guide!
  • Personal Wedding Planner Book: A planner like this can be a great way to help you stay organized and on track for planning your wedding! I was constantly jotting down notes, lists, and reminders while I was planning so having one place to keep all your thoughts and ideas is super helpful!
    • Bowyn: I sort of used a wedding planner [organizer] but in the end it wasn’t helpful to me. I made lots of lists and went by my own organizational system.

Wedding Planner/Event Coordinator

  • We did not use a wedding planner or coordinator for our wedding mostly because we had a small, private wedding (both ceremony and reception) and I love doing things like this myself so we didn’t feel it was necessary. However I completely understand how it can be helpful and necessary for larger weddings!
  • Katherine & Brandon: We used a “day of” planner who helped make sure everything ran smoothly on the actual wedding day. I’d highly recommend this! But we did do everything on our own before that.
  • Courtney: Our venue included a professional wedding planner and I don’t think we could have done it without her. Our florist also really served as a wedding planner as well.
  • Bowyn: I kept everything organized and my husband and our families helped a lot. I have no regrets taking charge because I had a blast doing it!

Personal Attendant

  • Even though we had a small wedding and there wasn’t much to manage I kind of wish I would have had a personal attendant for the day. I think this tradition is fading but I think it would be super helpful. While I did have my family and bridesmaids to help me for the day there were certain things that would have been helpful to have an extra person for that didn’t have to be dressed, ready and photographed with the rest of us. Someone who can help everyone get ready and make sure everything is in place. I feel like a lot of this responsibility fell on my family and I wish they would have just been able to enjoy the day.


Photo from our wedding day by Emily Kowalski

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