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I am really not a huge television person, in fact we don’t even own a TV, but I do enjoy occasionally curling up to watch a good show, movie or documentary. Since we don’t have a television we mostly rely on Netflix and Amazon. For shows that are current airing I watch on the networks website after it airs.

So here is a roundup of what I am currently watching and enjoying:

  • This Is Us, NBC: This Is Us is only half way through its first season and so far I love it. I was hooked after the first episode. It is a pleasant show about family and relationships (think Parenthood). It definitely has its emotional moments as I have cried almost every episode, but truly a touching show.
  • Chef’s Table, Netflix: We first started watching Chef’s Table over a year ago and were instantly hooked. Each episode features a different chef and tells their story of training, inspiration and success. The chefs are all so different and talented that no episode is the same. There are currently 2 seasons of Chef’s Table and 1 season of Chef’s Table: France which features French chefs. A few favorite episode are Massimo Bottura, Grant Achatz and Allain Passard.
  • Planet Earth I, Netflix: I have been a huge animal/nature lover since I was little. When I discovered this was on Netflix I was so excited. The series is made up of 11 episodes that feature a different habitat/region. They are all beautifully filmed and incredibly interesting. I would say they are pretty light or a documentary. meaning nothing to heavy that you can’t relax while watching.

Like I said, I’m not a huge television person so I don’t watch everyday, but I do occasionally like to curl up and relax with something interesting to watch. What are some other good shows, movies, and documentaries to check out?

One thought on “Currently Watching

  1. I am obsessed with this is us. I really love it because it shows that every family has problems but they can work through them together. It reminded me of parenthood too, which is another amazing show!
    Kelsey |

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