When the Holidays Are Over

It is always bittersweet once the holidays are officially over. Although I am usually anxious to get back into routine and the normalcy of my days it means that the celebration, festivities, and family time has come to an end.

Thanksgiving to New Years really is my favorite time of year. I love the weather, the joy, holidays, traditions, etc. I also love that for about 3 months I get to see my family more often than I normally do.

This holiday season seemed crazier than normal. Between Thanksgiving and Christmas we took a trip to New York City and celebrated our anniversary. By the time we headed home to see our families for Christmas we were quite worn out and looking forward to a nice weekend. We had such a wonderful holiday weekend at home and loved being able to spend time with both of our families!

As we took down our tree and other festive decor this week I was sad to see the holidays go. Between being home for Christmas and having my family in town for New Years Eve it was a truly wonderful holiday season!

Holidays Reflection.jpg


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