Dress Well, Perform Better

Have you heard the expression “Dress well, test well”? This was something I heard often growing up, not only from my mom but teachers as well. Even though I am no longer in school I firmly believe that the better you carry and present yourself the better you will perform in your day to day activities.

Now, this isn’t to say that looks are everything but dressing in a respectful. modest, and tidy way will help you feel more put together, professional, and prepared. I still try to implement this into my everyday outfit choice for work; the more professional I look the easier it is for me to focus.

With finals right around the corner for many college students (trust me, as soon as Thanksgiving Break is over they will be here before you know it) I thought it would be good to encourage the “dress well” philosophy.

I was never a college student who wore sweats or athletic clothes to class. I always tried to at the very least be in jeans and a nice blouse or sweater. On days where I really needed an extra boost of confidence (for presentations, tests, meetings, etc.) I would break out a simple skirt or dress, or throw on a blazer with my blouse.

The idea of dressing well to class doesn’t mean that everyone needs to break out their best suits and formal dresses, but simply cleaning up a bit and leaving the sweats at home. Dressing in a respectful way will not only help you feel more confident but also help others to respect you and think of you in a more respectful way.

Dressing well also doesn’t have to mean uncomfortable. I fully understand the appeal of wanting to be comfortable when sitting in lecture, lab, or at work for several hours. Comfort play s a large roll in how we perform as well but I think it is important to find a balance of being comfortable and well dressed at the same time!

If you give it a try I think you will see a big difference when you dress well for work, class and exams. Again looks aren’t everything but they way you present yourself says a lot about your character!

Check back soon for more on interview attire and study tips!

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