Keeping It Simple

Along with my love for planning and organization comes my love for all things simple. I think because of my shy and reserved personality I have never enjoyed extravagant and over the top things nor do I enjoy being in the spotlight. My husband is the same way which is what led us to have a small and simple wedding day.

I recently had lunch with a friend whom I hadn’t seen since before getting married and she asked me if I was happy that we had such a small and private wedding (fewer than 20 people). Without even thinking I responded “absolutely”.

Of course there are several people who I wish could have been there to celebrate with us on such a special occasion, but keeping the guest list small allowed us to focus on the importance of that day and to focus on each other.

It also kept things fairly stress-free during the planning and the day of. Instead of spending that day focused on guests and details I was able to focus on my new husband and really take in every little detail. Not only did it create a stress free day for my husband and I, but also for our family involved in helping plan/prepare for the wedding. There was little do be done and take care of which meant that everyone could enjoy the day and focus on the reason we were all there.

In terms of planning a significant event, or any change in your life, I think it is always important to ask yourself what is truly important. In the end it isn’t the size, glamour, and excitement of your wedding day that matters, but the life you create and live together.

Photo Credit: Emily Kowalski Photography

See more of our wedding day here and here.

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