Travel Planning

Not only do I LOVE the chance to travel, but I also love planning the trip itself. I have had so many friends ask how I go about planning trips because I always seem so organized. I have a few trips coming up so I thought I would share a few tips and suggestions about travel planning.

Luckily this is a trait that I picked up from my mom. Growing up she would spend weeks and sometimes months in advance planning out every little detail from location, car/airplane activities (to keep us kiddos entertained), what to pack, and any activities for the rip itself. She really is the master of travel so after 23 years of watching her plan family trips I have picked up a thing or two.

  1. Picking a Location: If you don’t already have a location in mind I like to come up with a few options that my husband and I are both interested in and weigh the pros/cons (cost, time commitment, time of year, etc. IE: If you only have a few days to get away pick somewhere closer and simple so you don’t try to cram in too much at once; If it is somewhere that requires mostly outdoor/seasonal activities consider the time of year you have available to go.). Weighing your options on location can help you be much more satisfied with your destination of choice.
  2. Do your research: I like to start doing a little background research when I am choosing a location but once we have decided I really dive in. I research everything from the best places to stay, sites to see, activities and of course, the best restaurants to try! I like to create a Pinterest board and a Word Doc or Excel Spreadsheet so I can keep track of everything. This will really help you get an idea of all the things you want to do or see while you are there so you can best plan out each day.
  3. Create an Itinerary: Now first let me preface by saying that not everything goes according to plan while traveling and tight schedules don’t always work so keep things loose and open. I don’t usually create an hourly schedule, but I like to have a rough idea of what we should do each day so we can make reservations/buy tickets/ prepare accordingly. I make a list of all activities we want to do and then break them up by day to see what all I think we can reasonably fit in.
  4. Use a Packing List: Once you have accomplished the above tasks, planning what to pack become SO much easier. This way you know what type of activities you need to pack for. Start a list of outfits for each day you are going to be there (Pinterest is great for this too) and, of course, always keep an eye on the weather as your trip approaches so you know what to expect.

Questions about any travel tips? I’m happy to share more advice! What are some of your travel secrets?

Check out the travel post from our honeymoon in St. Helena for more tips.

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