Getting Organized

I tend to be someone who becomes stressed and overwhelmed quite easily so I do my best to keep all aspects of my life simple to avoid a break down. This is where my love of organization and planning comes in hand.

Whether it is a trip to the grocery store, housework, or a vacation I prefer making lists so that nothing is forgotten. To some, this approach can seem a bit intense or obsessive, but I find that it helps me stay on track and prioritize. Having things organized helps me feel calm and put together and it also saves so much time throughout each week.

If you are someone who isn’t naturally organized but are hoping to create a little more structure in your life, start out small. Attempting to organize all aspects of your life (work, home, school, etc.) at once can be overwhelming.

Pick one area to start with and implement  small changes for a few weeks. Once you have established a routine choose another area and again, start making small changes.

A few things you can do to be more organized:

  • Start keeping a calendar: I keep track of events on my phone/computer as well as a desk calendar at work. This way I can look ahead and see how busy each week is so I know realistically what I can tackle each day in terms of work, housework, etc.
  • Make lists: Whether it is a grocery list, “chore list”, or general “to-do list” this will help you keep track of what needs to be done. It also is a great feeling to check things off of your list as you go.
  • Establish a daily routine: I enjoy having somewhat of a routine each day so that I am able to determine what I do/don’t have time for. By routine I don’t mean an hourly schedule but just a general order or structure of how/when you do things; gym, work, housework, dinner prep, down time, etc.



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