December 22nd 2015

After getting engaged in May 2015 and knowing that we wanted a winter wedding, Andrew and I had a big challenge ahead of us. We chose a wedding date later that year in December allowing us only 8 months to plan.

Andrew was in his first year of medical school and I myself had just moved to Omaha to start a new job. We knew it would be a lot to take on, but the details of the wedding seemed to fall into place.

We both wanted simple and small. If you know either of us you know how private and reserved we are so we wanted to feel that in our wedding. We made the very difficult decision of having a small private ceremony and dinner with only our immediate family-less than 20 people.

Although there were many people that we wish were there to celebrate with us we are thankful that we were able to truly focus on the meaning of the day- each other and the life we were starting together.

Whether you were there to celebrate, celebrated with us in spirit, or have supported us in our marriage and new life together, we are so thankful and blessed to have such wonderful friends and family.

Photo Credit: Emily Kowalski Photography

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