Living Taylored

Writing & Photography have always been major passions and creative outlets for me.

As a 23 year old working in a field unrelated to my college majors, I began to lose sight of the things that I enjoy doing. Although I enjoy my job and am thankful to be working for a company that has helped me grow, I realized how important it is to pursue the things that inspire me, bring joy to my life, and allow me to express myself.

After encouragement from my husband, family and friends I decided to start this site as I way to express myself through those two passions while sharing a little bit of daily insight with all who stumble upon Living Taylored.

No matter your age, profession, or lifestyle find time to do what makes you happy and encourage others to do the same. Make the best of the life you have and appreciate all that you have.

This is what I hope to do with Living Taylored; do what makes me happy, encourage others, make the best of my life, and enjoy all that I am blessed with.

What you will find here is a little bit of everything from lifestyle to travel and all things me.

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