My Favorite Small Businesses

I love supporting small businesses and it just so happens that some of my favorite brands are small businesses! With today being Small Business Saturday I thought I would round up a list of my favorite shops!

Alice Walk: This brand has built up a pretty big hype and there’s a reason. Everything they make is truly incredible quality. I own a variety of pieces from Alice Walk and I love each of them! Use code BF2022 for 20% off site wide.

Dudley Stephens: Dudley Stephens has been a favorite of mine for 3 years now. I still wear a DS at least once a week. My favorite is the classic Park Slope style but they have so many other fun styles as well! They currently have no 40% off site wide with code DSDELIGHT.

Virginia Dare Dress Co: VDD was one of the first brands I ever partnered with and I’m still a huge fan. Not only do they have the best versatile dresses (comfortable too!) but they also have the sweetest gift boxes and other fun accessories!

Chappy Wrap: These beautiful blankets continue to be a family favorite. They are so soft and cozy. Our collection continues to grow and I love that we always have a comfy blanket (or 5) to curl up with. Get 20% off with code GRATEFUL

Mary Frances Carter: Maryfrances creates truly beautiful pieces. They are hard to come by as her releases always sell out almost immediately but if you are lucky enough to snag one you will not be disappointed!

Names for Good: I wear my Names for Good Bracelet daily. You can customize it to say anything you would like and they have so many cute styles. Proceeds from each purchase I donated to local Boston children’s charities!

Haverhill Collection: Another piece of jewelry I wear daily is my Haverhill bracelet. It is one of the best gifts I have ever received. Their customizable bracelets are such a special piece that will be treasured for sure!

Vana Chupp Studio: I have loved the Vana Chupp silhouette pieces for years. I still don’t have one of my own but it’s on my wishlist. I love the idea of capturing those sweet little profiles and wearing them for years.

Suite Child: Suite Child is a store from the town I grew up on but you can shop them online. They have a great selection of baby gear, clothes and toys. It’s the perfect place to shop for all of the little ones in your life!

What are some of your favorite small businesses? Leave them in the comments below so others can check them out as well!

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