I Bought Something I Said I Never Would

When the nook and kindle started to become popular I was so opposed. I swore I would never own one. As a major bookworm I didn’t understand why anyone who truly loved books would want to read on a tablet. I held onto this opinion for about 10 years. Then fast forward to life with kids and an e-reader started to make sense.

When Jack was born and I was nursing him for what felt like 20 hours a day I realized I was spending a lot more time scrolling through Instagram and Pinterest while I nursed. I wanted a more productive way to spend that time but holding a book and turning pages while nursing wasn’t easy to juggle.

I started downloading e-books on my phone and decided it was probably time to give in on my opposition to e-readers. I lasted until Eleanor was born and decided to borrow my moms to see if I actually liked using one and to be honest I really do.

Don’t get me wrong, I will always prefer holding an actual book. Nothing beats that feeling of sitting down with a good book in hand. But having an e-reader is too convenient to pass up. I recently order my own Kindle after testing out my moms. I went with the Kindle Fire HD 8 so that it could be used for more than reading books. Here’s what I love about it:


Being able to easily take a book with me wherever I go is so nice. It’s much easier to tuck it in my purse or bag than a physical book and it also means I don’t have to decide on just one book! I also love that if I have a sleeping kid in my arms I can still read a book without struggling to turn pages.


Yes, the initial cost can be expensive depending on your budget but the number of books that you can read for free will save you money in the long run. You can find free downloads or use a library app like Libby to check out digital or audio books through your local library. That’s the most common way I read now so I’m no longer spending money on physical books.

Family Friendly

While we mainly use the kindle for reading it’s great to take on the go with the kids. I usually have a few kids book saved as well as a few shows downloaded for them. We save it as a last resort while traveling but it’s a nice option to have.

I will definitely still read physical books but having the Kindle makes reading an easier and more convenient option, saves money and works for the whole family!

You can follow along with what I’m reading on my Goodreads page!

One thought on “I Bought Something I Said I Never Would

  1. I can only read as much as I do because of my Kindle and audio books! Sure, it’s a lot more fun to read a ‘real’ book – but for me thats like luxury time. Which is rare! Mostly I’m reading whenever I can squeeze it in!
    Plus you can read in the dark, and it’s easy to hold 😊
    I just followed you on Goodreads!


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