Fall Frills

Last fall I became obsessed with all things frilly which is very, very unlike me. Maybe it was that I was preparing to become a girl mom, who knows. But I didn’t think it would stick. Especially given how trendy it seemed frills were becoming.
But here we are nearly a year later and I still find myself gravitating towards frills, lace and ruffles.

I try my best to avoid trendy pieces because I want to purchase things that I will have and love for years to come. So I’ve been searching for a few pieces that have a little lace, ruffles and frills while still remaining mostly timeless (and seasonless too).

Here is a round up of my favorite frilly and feminine pieces that I’ve been loving lately!

Camel Crewneck | Navy Broderie Collared Blouse | Striped Puff Sleeve T-Shirt | Navy Blouse | Black Ruffleneck Blouse | White Broderie Blouse | Ruffle Collar Sweatshirt | Ruffleneck Chambray Blouse

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