Living Lately No. 55

Hello friends and happy Friday! It has been so long since I have posted a ‘Living Lately’, but I have finally been writing more and making time for the blog, which I truly love doing so I am finally back with a little roundup post.

We had a very fun week celebrating Jack’s second birthday. I can’t believe he is already TWO! I shared a post on two years of motherhood and a few lessons I’ve learned. I’m so so thankful for my sweet little boy and getting to celebrate with him all week long.

Also, we have decided to share whether baby Cannon is a boy or girl. It’s too hard to keep it a surprise, especially with Jack wanting to tell everyone whether he is having a brother or sister! So keep an eye out for that next week! In the mean time, here is what I’ve been enjoying lately!


  • 18 Recipes To Make With Your Kids While Staying Home: Jack is always super interested in what we are doing when we cook so I’ve been trying to involve him as much as possible in the kitchen. I love these recipe ideas to make with your kids at home! Plus I have a Cooking with Kids post coming up later this month!
  • 10 Gifts That New Moms Actually Want: As I start to prepare to have another baby I’ve been reflecting a lot on the things that I used most (for myself, not baby) after having Jack. The things that brought me comfort in the midst of chaos. I agree with so many of these ideas that Julia shared for new moms (and seasoned moms too).


  • A Simplified Life: I kicked off this year with being more intentional. This includes the things I own, buy, how I spend my time, etc. I read A Simplified Life by Emily Ley at the beginning of January and once I finished it I immediately tarted her book When Less Becomes More. I’ve loved them both so much and they have definitely helped guide me through my new goal of intentional living. I’ll be sharing a full blog post on them soon!
  • Hot Water Bottle: I ordered this hot water bottle at the start of the year and use it every night. Before I start getting ready for bed I fill it with hot water, tuck it under my sheets and by the time I climb into bed it is nice and toasty for me. I keep it under the covers while I read for the evening and then usually take it out before falling asleep. Such a nice little luxury to make my evening routine cozier!
  • Washable Birdies: My favorite house shoe (full post coming soon), just launched a washable version! I’m so excited to try them. I’m thinking this would be such a great slipper for the hospital this June. Comfortable and easy to wash away post-hospital germs!! You can get $20 off your first order here!


Living Taylored Lately

Next Week

  • Gender Reveal
  • Weekly Meal Planning: A How-To
  • My Daily Books

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