Books for the New Year

After the year we all just had I don’t expect anyone to approach this year in full force with a long list of goals or resolutions. My biggest goal for this year is to give myself grace, especially when things don’t always go as planned.

Regardless of your approach to this year and whether or not you are making any goals or resolutions I wanted to share a few books to help kick off the year in a positive place. Some I use and read regularly, others I just ordered for this year and some I have on my wishlist that have been recommended by friends.

The 6 Minute Diary– I’ve been using the 6 Minute Diary for almost a year and I love it. It really does just take a few minutes a day to fill out. It helps me focus on the things I’m grateful for, the good things happening in my life and what simple things I can do to make things better. I fill it out every day and night. It’s the perfect way to start and end your day. Another similar option is the 5 Minute Journal.

The Boy, the Mole, the Fox, and the Horse– A friend gave me this book a little over a year ago and I’ve read it almost weekly ever since. It is comforting, uplifting and inspirational. I keep it on my nightstand and reach for it whenever I need a little boost.

Grace Not Perfection– I’m a big fan of Emily Ley and have followed along with her “Simplified Life” tips for years. I’ve had Grace Not Perfection on my list for a while and am excited to finally start it this year.

Less is More– Another Emily Ley book that I ordered to start this month. I’ve been trying to take on a ‘less is more’ approach in my every day living and I think this book will be a great help.

Start Where You Are– This self-exploration journal sounds like a great way to learn more about yourself and focus on growth every day. I have a few friends that use this journal and love it.

Present Not Perfect– I haven’t used this journal myself but it sounds like it would go along perfectly with my intentions for this year. The extended title is ‘Present Not Perfect: A Journal for Slowing Down, Letting Go, and Loving Who You Are”. Slowing down is exactly what I want to focus on this year. If that is your goal too then this would be a great journal.

Classic Style– I read this book early last year and absolutely loved it. This is much different from the other books on my list but it helped me focus on the clothing I actually wear and use which in turn helped me cut back, clean out my closet and focus on quality over quantity. If you are looking to simplify and condense your wardrobe or clothing purchases, this book will inspire you to do so.

The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up– After the holidays and at the start of the year always seems like the perfect time to declutter, organize and tidy up. This book has been popular for several years and I’ve had friends tell me that after reading it they felt encouraged to make a permanent change in there home. Even if this specific method doesn’t work for you, you will surely get some ideas and inspiration for making changes in your home and lifestyle.

I hope a few of these books jump out at you or inspire a few simple changes in your everyday living this year. If you are like me and look for books to help kick off your new year intentions, what are a few you have enjoyed in the past that ignite change and motivate you?

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