How My Style Has Changed with Motherhood

Navy Dudley Stephens_0575When I became a “stay at home” mom I knew a lot would change. One thing I didn’t think about changing was my wardrobe needs. I went from working in a corporate setting wearing skirts and dresses most days to having very little need to get dressed up or even get dressed at all really. Over half of my wardrobe was suddenly obsolete, especially in the early days when nursing was still a challenge and I was regularly being spit up on.

When people ask me what I miss about my job, getting dressed up daily is one of the first things that comes to mind. I knew early on when I started staying home with Jack that I wouldn’t be someone who stays in pajamas or athletic wear all day long. I am someone who feels like my best self when I have gotten ready for the day whether or not I leave the house.

So when I realized that I needed to re-build my wardrobe a bit for my new role it was important to me to find pieces that would withstand the ins and outs of motherhood but that also made me feel “put-together”. Not only did I want pieces that would last but I wanted to curate a closet that I could easily mix and match. A closet of classic and versatile pieces. In other words I wanted stylish & timeless pieces that were comfortable and would hold up against what would inevitably be LOTS of washing (durable). After almost a year into motherhood I have found several pieces that I feel fit that bill.

Motherhood Faves (comfortable, classic and durable pieces)

DSC_0195Dudley Stephens: My Dudley Stephens are by far my most worn items. They are very chic while also maintaining comfort and practicality. I was hesitant at first to wear them when Jack is still prone to spit up or making messes with his food a baby wipe does wonders for these. Andrew watched me wipe something of my fleece one day and was so impressed at how well it cleaned off and he said “wow, you should wear those everyday” so I guess I’ll just have to buy more ;). You can use this link to get $25 off your first order.



Classic Buttons Downs: Another classic piece that I wear a lot when home with Jack. Especially when I was still nursing these were beyond practical and made life so much easier. They are also great for layering with other pieces. I know button downs can sometimes feel stiff or too formal but I think they can be a great casual everyday piece. A few favorites are J. Crew, PoloThom Kelly, & Grayson.

9 Months_0363Tissue Turtlenecks: The ultimate layering piece and a closet staple for me. Tissue turtlenecks are a comfortable and casual piece that goes with just about anything making it perfect for motherhood. I layer them under sweaters, sweatshirts, Dudley Stephens and even under button downs. In fact I did a full post on their versatility here.

Rothys: Shoes that are comfortable AND machine washable?! Could there be a better fit for motherhood? Jack is getting to the age where I am chasing him around a LOT so comfort is key but washability is a definite bonus because life happens, especially with a toddler. I reach for these regularly and as a major plus, they are sustainable too! Use this link to get $20 off your first order!

Vionics: Another pair of shoes that I often reach for are my Vionic sneakers. Vionics come in several styles- sneakers, flats, boots, heels, and are made to be comfortable and supportive enough for long term everyday wear. They are super comfortable and while they aren’t machine washable they clean up very well. They are practical while still being stylish. A great combo for busy days, trips to the park and walks around the neighborhood.

Motherhood style for me is about being comfortable, ready for the day, and feeling my best. These pieces are what help me achieve that. What are your favorite pieces and styles that help you in motherhood? My friends Claire & Sarah are discussing style and motherhood today too. They are kindred spirits of mine, often twins in terms of style & food preferences as well so I know you will love reading what they have to say! Be sure to checkout Claire’s post at Home with the Wileys & Sarah’s post at Cozy Little Joys!


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