Mornings Downtown

Andrew and I don’t venture out very often and when we do it seems like we have our usual “go-to” spots. When we do get out it always seems like a special occasion and we try to make the most of it. This past weekend we felt like getting out of the house so we decided to visit downtown in the Old Market.Green Cords, Tan Sweater, Ankle Boots, Plaid Scarf_1514.jpgWe rarely make it downtown but I truly love the area, especially this time of year. Cool breezes, cozy brunch and fall colors make for a lovely morning. We bundled up and headed downtown in search of brunch.Green Cords, Tan Sweater, Ankle Boots, Plaid Scarf_1508No matter how many times I have been downtown it always feels like someplace new or as if we are in another town. There is always something new to be discovered. Great restaurants and stores tucked in the historical buildings line the cute brick roads.Green Cords, Tan Sweater, Ankle Boots, Plaid Scarf_1510Green Cords, Tan Sweater, Ankle Boots, Plaid Scarf_1512After admiring a few cute buildings we had never noticed before we decided on a brunch spot and headed to one of our favorites, Stokes. It was such a great way to spend our morning together. Soon downtown will be decorated for the holidays and I am looking forward to spending more mornings exploring the area with a warm drink in hand taking in the holiday magic.Green Cords, Tan Sweater, Ankle Boots, Plaid Scarf_1506

Sweater | Scarf (similar) | Pants | Boots (similar here and here)


7 thoughts on “Mornings Downtown

  1. You are the cutest! Your outfits are super adorable 😀 I totally understand what you mean by having a “spot” and it still feeling like new whenever you come by – that’s how I feel whenever my fiancé and I head out to our spot.

    cabin twenty-four

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